Teambuilding in a different way?

Offering employees a special experience is becoming very important today. Increasing satisfaction and strengthening the team cohesion, or simply as a reward after a completed major project: the teambuilding experiences offered by our partner Teamazing perfectly combine fun and effective team development.

Together with our partner, we offer you unique team-building tasks in and around the Hotel Böhlerstern and thus ensure an exciting time with colleagues. And we know from experience that days like these will be remembered forever. With the easy-to-use modular system, you can create your event, no matter if it is teambuilding, employer branding or incentive. Here are a few examples of what we offer as a teambuilding event at the Hotel Böhlerstern

Breakout "Castle" The first real life escape game in Kapfenberg

Your team will be divided, handcuffed and tied up with ropes. To crack the puzzles and escape together as a team, you have to communicate effectively and think “outside the box”. Only with teamwork will you be able to open the locks in the castle to free yourself from this dicey situation!

Carrera Mario Kart™ Battle To the remote controls. Ready. Go!

In real life Mario Kart Battle, you get remote-controlled cars with two balloons attached to the rear. As a team, you have to protect each other from attackers and make the enemy balloons burst. This nostalgic highlight provides endless fun and creates an unforgettable team experience.

Maze Race The balancing act for perfect teamwork

The Maze Race is a worldwide unique piece and attracts young and old enthusiasts. The rules are very simple: The ball must be maneuvered through the maze, past the tricky obstacles, to the finish. Great fun! To make sure that this happens as quickly as possible, you should work together and coordinate well.

And many more activities...

You can find these and many more team building ideas as well as booking possibilities on the website of our partner.